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give your clients and prospects
a simple contact form to send you large files

click on the form to test the WebDrop form the file will be sent to delete
standard form
  • simple to use :

    WebDrop is used just as a regular contact form: visitors can send you a message with a file as large as 2GB!

    forget about FTP, USB keys and CDROMs to large files deliveries : faster than any courier, you get your files in minutes

    to see how it working click on the form
  • simple to install :

    you just copy two lines of code in your web page and the form is ready to use
    independent from your hosting service, takes care of everything: file transfer and secured storage, message delivery and notification

    how to install? click here

  • customisable and adjustable to your business :

    you can change the colours, the content and the language so that your WebDrop form perfectly fits with your web site
    on request, we provide free assistance to help your properly personalize your WebDrop form

    how to personalize? click here

how does it work?
  1. the visitor of your web site fills the form and sends the file
    the file is uploaded to ours servers
  2. as soon as the file is uploaded, you receive a message warning you of the file transfer
  3. you click on the link inside the mail and download the file awaiting you
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